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Whether you are dedicated economics student or a seasoned stock market player, modern technology — namely the smartphone revolution — has made the economics world a more efficient and easy-to-access environment for millions of people nationwide.

There are a variety of mobile apps that have simplified some of the most confusing or difficult aspects of the economics world, all while keeping this concepts convenient in terms of quick accessibility.

Here are a few of the best economics apps currently on the mobile market.



One of the biggest names in FOREX trading, OANDA’s free app was primarily developed to track fluctuations in currency exchanges. However, the app really shines as a market simulation tool, allowing users to “use fake money indefinitely to purchase and exchange currencies.” This experience is not only valuable in terms of economic education, it is also apparently a lot of fun.


Bloomberg Markets

Bloomberg is consistently regarded as one of the most trusted names in the international market place, and the Bloomberg Markets app is a testament to the company’s reputation. The free app primarily serves as a mobile extension of Bloomberg’s website, which gives users access to analyses of stock market prices and international trends (which are regularly cited as some of the most accurate projections in the world), as well as articles and insights from top economic commentators on “markets, industries, technology, politics, luxury, personal finance, opinion and more.” The app further simplifies the website’s fundamentals, stripping down its usability and pairing it with the convenience of portability.


Econ Ed

This free app is a go-to resource for those new to the economics playing field. Owned by the Federal Bank of St. Louis, Econ Ed provides quick, digestible economic curriculum to students and other aspiring economists, allowing them to become familiar with a variety of key economics terms like “inflation” and “purchasing power.” The app also allows users to compare years based on the costs of services and good purchased during each year, as well as access graphs illustrating crucial economic periods in United States history.


Stock Wars – Virtual Investing

Users of the Stock Wars app will be able to create and manage a portfolio, monitor other traders’ investing strategies, and conduct in-depth research on various stocks, among a variety of other amenities. The catch is that, like OANDA’s app, the app allows users to do all the aforementioned actions within the safety of a virtual environment. However, users’ decisions and figures can be compared to actual world stock markets, grounding the experience in a healthy dose of realism.

Unlike the other apps on this list, Stock Wars will run users $1.99.