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The four economic systems: traditional economics

Most successful, thriving societies hinge on the presence of a functional economic system. Economics allow these societies to study and manage various social and financial variables, ultimately resulting in a better understanding of their overall productivity and stability. Here, I take a look at one of the four main economic systems: traditional economics. Traditional economics […]

The worst economic crises of all time

Economic and financial stability are crucial focal points for any successful society, but constant nuances and fluctuations can occasionally make these variables hard to manage, which in turn can lead to times of crisis. Unfortunately, there are have been several significant economic crises that have occurred throughout history all over the world. Below are a […]

The best economics apps in 2017

Whether you are dedicated economics student or a seasoned stock market player, modern technology — namely the smartphone revolution — has made the economics world a more efficient and easy-to-access environment for millions of people nationwide. There are a variety of mobile apps that have simplified some of the most confusing or difficult aspects of […]

Social factors that affect economic development

Here are a few major social factors that tend to affect economic development.

How economic growth is measured

  We hear a lot about economic fluctuation–and the overall state of our country’s economic health–in the news lately, but what exactly is economic growth? How is it measured, and what do those measurements ultimately reflect in terms of the United States’ economic identity? Here is a quick guide to understanding the measurement of economic […]

What is the Solar Tax Credit & Why Is It Beneficial?

Near the end of 2015, Congress approved the 2016 federal spending bill and extended the solar panel tax credit. This was helpful to solar companies, industry advocates and even homeowners because the bill had a 5-year solar tax credit extension. As a result, solar energy became more affordable for all Americans. The federal solar tax […]

Renewable Energy Has The Power To Create Jobs

When we think of the benefits of renewable energy, we typically think of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and saving the environment. While renewable energy does help the environment, many people overlook the economic and social benefits of renewable energy. A 2015 renewable energy and jobs report released by the International Renewable Energy Agency found that […]

The Impact Of Temporary Work

In today’s economy, working a temporary job has become more and more popular. And what’s more: the demand for temps is higher now than it has ever been. But that doesn’t mean that temping is thought of as the ideal career. The temp industry is now providing work for about 2.9 million people. This makes […]

Taxes and the Elderly: Here’s What You Should Know

This year, the federal tax deadline is Monday, April 18. For elderly members of our country, there are few things to consider with regard to filing, meeting all legal requirements, or seeking necessary deductions as a result of unique situations.  If you’re like the 41% of Americans who wait until the last few weeks to […]

The Evolution of New York City’s 421-a Tax Exemption

In the 1970’s, 421-a was created to stimulate housing development at a time when residential construction rates were dropping in New York City. In exchange for constructing new housing, the city agreed to make owners exempt from paying the increase in property taxes that resulted from the new construction for anywhere from 10-25 years. Once […]

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