mark cuthbertson councilman for huntington ny 2

Mark Cuthbertson began his political career in 1998 as a Councilman for Huntington, New York–most recently earning re-election to the Huntington Town Board in 2013. Unlike many, Cuthbertson’s career has been driven not by political ambition, but instead by a bipartisan view that results in positive changes for the people of Huntington. During his time serving the city, Cuthbertson had a significant impact on reducing and stabilizing taxes, as well as improving local economic development and implementing new strategies for creating jobs. Some of Mark’s other notable initiatives included environmental preservation of hillside areas, advocating for better renewable energy laws and enforcing the conservation of open spaces in Huntington.

In 2008, Mark Cuthbertson successfully engaged in several projects within the Route 110 corridor, including bringing the headquarters of Rubie’s Costumes to town. He was also an integral part in the development of Canon USA’s North and South American Regional headquarters in nearby Melville. These coordinated efforts were recognized when Mark won the Long Island Business News award for the Best Public Private Partnership of the year.

Mark Cuthbertson is also a passionate advocate for keeping the town’s resources accessible to all its residents. Throughout his 18-year career as a Councilman, Cuthbertson has helped facilitate economic development, improved land use, and has advocated for an overall aesthetic improvement to Huntington’s streets and parks. These initiatives have had a significant impact in increasing the value of living for Huntington’s residents, as well as drawing more visitors to the community.

Cuthbertson was awarded a prestigious Public Service Award from the New York State Department of Parks and Recreation in 2015, receiving the honor for his “sweeping legislation that banned smoking in playgrounds and all beaches,” as well as, his sponsorship of “three bond acts totaling $60 million which provided a tremendous boost to acquire open space and provide funding to meet the booming demand for recreational fields throughout the town,” according to Gail Lamberta, President of the Long Island Leisure Services Association. 

As a lifelong Huntington, New York resident, Mark Cuthbertson attended Walt Whitman High School and later attending Villanova University, where he graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Business Administration. Mark would then go on to obtain his JD candidate with honors from Albany Law School.

Additionally, Mark Cuthbertson has furthered his education by attending the Energeia Partnership Program at Molloy College, a curriculum that focuses on enhancing leadership skills and understanding the complex infrastructure and legislative issues pertaining to Long Island.